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Who We Are

Who We Are

Linkcrest Capital
(“Linkcrest”) arranges and completes Senior Debt Financing for a variety of companies throughout the United States. We have been successful with our Small Ticket Equipment Loan “Program” for many years.  Many funding sources do not like “older” assets (more than ten years of age) as collateral, “smaller” transaction size and somewhat lower personal credit bureau scores via a guarantor in some instances; yet “Linkcrest” continues to obtain approvals for many of these loan requests.

We work with finance companies, selected regional and national banks, plus private & institutional capital groups via funding requests for our clients as “Linkcrest” has long standing, positive relationships with these financial partners and sources of capital.

Charles E. Hoey, President and founder of Linkcrest Capital, Inc. has forty three years of experience in Corporate Financing having held positions with G.E. Capital, Barclays Bank and Associates Commercial Corporation prior to forming “Linkcrest”.

Many of our transactions often fit one or more of the following profiles:

  • Linkcrest CapitalA company which needs additional money for expansion but their present lender will not help them with equipment financing.
  • A business owner who does not have the ‘right’ relationship with his current financial sources and wishes to consider a more aggressive line of credit or loan with another lender. Or, the present source might not prefer term loans secured by machinery & equipment.
  • A business owner who has been told by his primary lender to “seek alternative financing” because of higher leverage, rapid growth, negative industry preference, “older” collateral or other considerations.
  • An entrepreneur or buying group hoping to acquire an existing business or purchase a competitor but has been turned down by financial sources because of excessive “term debt” secured by equipment.