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Small Ticket Equipment Leasing

Small Ticket Equipment Leasing

$15,000 – $150,000

We prefer a prospect to be in business for at least two years in order to secure approval.

Equipment Leasing & Financing

Equipment Leasing & Financing

Many of our customers have dealt with the following challenges or issues but have secured monies nevertheless:

  • Negative net worth
  • Business losing money
  • Owner(s) has fair – poor personal credit bureau score
  • Vendor / Supplier pay record has been inconsistent
  • Decreasing revenue perhaps due to loss of customers
  • Missed or late payments to various lending groups

Other prospects simply secure approvals through “Linkcrest” because of the quick, efficient time frame involved while not having to tie up corporate cash or credit lines with banks and other lenders.

Industries considered: (and many others)

  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • Machine tools
  • Energy Services
  • Plastic
  • IT Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Office equipment
  • Construction
  • Steel fabrication
  • Packaging



Four year old construction firm required several pieces of used equipment but had losses for the past two years and was past due on payments to a bank and finance company.


Expanding, but very leveraged (8:1) water hauling firm in Texas purchased combination of new and used trailers to keep up with customer demand. Three banks had declined this request.


A specialty medical parts manufacturing firm needed additional equipment but banks said “No” because of minimal net worth, too many credit bureau inquiries on the owners and inconsistent earnings.


Purchase of additional trailers for a flatbed carrier in the Southwest.

Company maintained minimum bank balances and was still in a ‘turnaround position’ with one owner having a poor credit bureau score of 645.

Equipment Leasing & Financing


Regional produce transportation company acquired three used trucks. Owner had personal credit bureau score of 638 with company past due (75 days) with several vendors.


Food processing company needed new equipment but had losses for three of the six prior years.

Owners had hired a consultant to assist with a “turn around” which was not yet showing positive results as more time was simply required.

Equipment Leasing & Financing


Pumping equipment distributor needed new IT equipment but primary owner had personal credit bureau score of 641. Firm maintained low bank balances as well but had some solid customers and a ‘Business Plan’ that made sense.


Sanding equipment for a two year old cabinet manufacturing firm which had a negative net worth and losses.


Fairly new (26 months) staffing services company required new computer hardware / software and some furniture.