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Construction Financing

Construction Financing

Many established commercial Sub-contractors and smaller General contractors face numerous challenges regarding capital needs to support their corporate growth and expansion. Banks (in general) and other traditional lending sources simply view contractors as an unattractive credit risk.

However, one of Linkcrest Capital’s primary funding lines specializes in providing monies to contractors as follows:

For purchase of materials (usually 100%) via specific jobs.

~ Credit Lines ($50,000 – $5,000,000) are determined on a job
by job basis. Payback can be up to 150 days with reasonable
rates available.

~ Commercial / Industrial jobs, Public Work projects, Bonded
Private projects and other approved job types qualify here.

~ Customer should be in good financial standing with corporate
Financial Statements available. ‘Application’ must be completed
and Trade References provided. Efficient approval process in place.

~ Purchasing Power … suppliers are paid in ten days or less (by the
lender) with contractors being able to secure preferred “discounts”
via early payment and/or volume purchases.

~ Roofing, concrete, flooring, steel structure, glass, wall & plastering,
plumbing and other contractors “fit” this program.

~ Less dependence on a Bank ‘Line of Credit’.
Opportunity to bid on many more new jobs.
Corporate and Personal “Cash / Liquidity” can be used for
other purposes.




A Flooring / framing company was growing too fast ($70.0MM yearly revenue) for their local bank and they had broken some lending covenants and ratios. A new “Material purchase ” Line of Credit was secured along with a new Factoring arrangement which now adequately supports expansion efforts.


A “Material purchase” Line of credit was established for a Commercial Roofing contractor ($37.0 MM in yearly revenue) specializing in office buildings and apartment complexes. Prospect no longer dependent on bank lines for acquisition of materials.


A Landscaping company ($20.0MM+ in yearly revenue) utilized a $500,000 existing bank line but continued to ‘walk away’ from many jobs. A new “Material purchase” Line of Credit has helped the company secure two major customers and several smaller ones.


A local Highway contractor obtained a federal job for specific bridge work / modifications.  However, this “small” contract ($1.2MM) turned into $24.3MM of work as the company had access to a ” Material purchase” line of credit.


A Concrete firm had a factoring relationship that required joint checking and lock box arrangements which placed restrictions on bidding larger jobs. After obtaining a “Material purchase” Line of Credit the company no longer had the restrictions and quickly grew to $9.0MM in yearly revenue.


A “Material purchase” Line of Credit was increased (from $150,000) for this rapidly growing Roofing contractor in the Southwest. Their local bank did not seem that interested in helping the firm with growth plans. Results .. company now exceeds $8.5MM in yearly revenue with very positive net income.


Four year old Structural steel contractor required a “Material purchase” line of credit to support new jobs in his area. This prospect had been turned down by three banks as both personal and business credit was marginal. Company now much more profitable with increased corporate liquidity in place.